#CoachCoachLive 2017 NFL Preview: AFC North 

The Fellas of CouchCoachLive previewed the AFC North as they discussed the following:

-Can the Steelers return to the AFC Championship Game & respersent the AFC in the Superbowl?

– Will the Bengals have a bounce back season after a 6-9-1 campaign in 2016

– Are the a Ravens contenders in the AFC North?

– Is the Future QB of the Browns on this roster?

The Fellas also discussed each teams top 2 games to watch and gave their 2017 predictions and more, Check out the full preview right here! 

#CouchCoachLive 2014 NFL Preview


                                                                                  ccl                                                                                                      2014 NFL Predictions

Projected Standings

                                NFC North

Packers 11-5 Y

Lions 10-6 X

Bears 9-7

Vikings 5-11

                               NFC South

Buccaneers 11-5 Y

Saints 10-6

Panthers 9-7

Falcons 8-8

                           NFC East

Redskins 11-5 Y

Eagles 8-8

Giants 7-9

Cowboys 6-10

                         NFC West

Seahawks 12-4 Z

49ers 11-5 X

Cardinals 9-7

Rams 7-9

                        AFC North

Bengals 9-7 Y

Ravens 8-8

Browns 6-10

Steelers 5-11

                        AFC South

Colts 12-4 Y

Texans 10-6 X

Jaguars 5-11

Titans 4-12

                      AFC East

Patriots 13-3 Z

Dolphins 9-7 X

Jets 8-8

Bills 7-9

                   AFC West

Broncos 9-7

Chiefs 7-9

Chargers 7-9

Raiders 3-13

                                                ( X-Clinch Playoff Spot Y-Clinch Division Z-Clinch Home field)


                                                                           Wildcard Round

49ers Over Redskins

Buccaneers Over Lions

Bengals Over Dolphins

Broncos Over Texans

                                                                          Divisional Round

49ers Over Seahawks

Packers Over Lions

Colts Over Bengals

Patriots over Broncos

                                                                         Championship Round

Packers Over 49ers

Patriots over Colts

                                                                                        Superbowl 49 Prediction




                                                         Green bay Packers 27 New England Patriots 21





                                                                    NFL Awards Predictions

Lavonte David



                                                        MVP-Aaron Rodgers

                                                         Offensive Player of the year-Peyton Manning

                                                           Defensive Player of the year- Lavonte David

                                                           Offensive Rookie of the year- Eric Ebron

                                                             Defensive Rookie of the year- Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

                                                              Coach of the year- Lovie Smith