#Starting 5 NBA All-Star Edition 

1) What is the biggest storyline of the NBA season thus far?  

– As the Knicks Turn: One of the most historic NBA franchises have made more headlines off the court , than on the court. Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, Phil Jackson vs Carmelo Anthony, and last but not least James Dolan vs Charles Oakley storylines have dominated the NBA landscape thus far. 

2) Which team is the biggest overachiever at the All-Star break?

-Washington Wizards 34-21

3) Which team is the biggest underachiever at the All-Star break?

– Dallas Mavericks 22-34

4 )Who you got for?……..

MVP: James Harden , Houston Rockets 

-James Harden has excelled in the Mike D’Antoni’s offense. Harden is leading the leauge in Assists and he’s on pace of being the 1st guard to ever lead the league in Double-Doubles plus , the Rockets are 40-18( no one seen this coming).

Rookie of the year:  Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers – In a year where no rookies are averaging more than 10 points per game, 6 rebounds per game or 1 block per game the obvious choice is Embiid, which he averages 20.2 PPG, 7.8 RPG, 2.1 APG)

Sixth Man of the year:   Lou Williams, Los Angeles Lakers – Generally the sixth man award goes to guy who contributes on a winning team, but when you’re averaging 17.8 PPG it’s definitely getting my nod. I expect that Lou will be traded to a contender. 

Coach of the year: Mike D’Antoni, Houston Rockets – Its strange to say this , but Mike D’Antoni is the odds on favorite to be the coach of the year. The Rockets sit at 40-18 (3rd in the Western conference) and the biggest reason of that is due to D’Antoni’s ability to retool his offense to suit his players. 

Most Improved  Player:   Giannis Antetokounmpo , Milwaukee Bucks – The Greek freak has arrived. The Greek freak is the 1st Bucks player to start in the All-Star game since Sidney Moncrief in 1986. Giannis is averaging 23.7 Points per game, 8.8 Assists & leads the Bucks in all 5 major statistical categories, which he’s the only player in the league to pull off that feat! 

Defensive player of the year:  Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs – The best perimeter defender in the leauge no question…. Draymond Green is a close 2nd , but Kawhi is the Lebron-Stopper lol.

5) Team under .500 to make the playoffs?  

-Currently there are 3 teams ( Bulls, Pistons & Nuggets)that if the season ended today would make the playoffs with a below (.500 )record. There are several teams that I can see making the playoffs that wouldn’t make it today. In the East I can see the Miami Heat (25-32 :2 games out of 8th place)& in the West I can see the Portland  Trailblazers (23-33: 2 games out of 8th place). 

Monday Morning Couch Coach: Lebron is coming Home!!!! 07/13 by Couch Coach Sports Talk | Sports Podcasts

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Monday Morning Couch Coach: Lebron is coming Home!!!! 07/13 by Couch Coach Sports Talk | Sports Podcasts.

Couch Coach 2014 NBA Playoffs Preview: Heat vs Nets

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Rest vs rhythm: The two-time defending champ Miami Heat enters the semifinals well rested as they swept the Charlotte Bobcats last week. The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Toronto Raptors in game 7 yesterday and off short rest they face the Heat Tuesday.

The Heat find themselves in similar predicament, last year the Heat dusted off the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1st round and waited nearly a week for their semifinal opponent Chicago Bulls conclude their 7 game series. The Heat lost the 1st game and went on to win four straight to take the series. The Heat have undoubtedly have the best trio in the league spearheaded by Lebron James. James is carrying the load while Dwayne Wade is slowly emerging from his injury woes. Can the heat overcome their issues and advance?

The Nets finally reached the semifinals after last year heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Chicago Bulls in the 1st round . The Nets re-tooled as they acquired Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett…guys who put the fear in the Miami Heat. The Nets are a matchup headache for the Heat…this team was built to beat the heat. The Nets swept the season series (4-0) , 3 of the games were decided by a single point & the other game went to double overtime. The Nets will give the Heat its biggest test thus far.

Most Intriguing Matchups:

Lebron James vs Paul Pierce

Dwayne Wade vs Joe Johnson

The Nets Win if:  Kevin Garnett outshines Chris Bosh and Paul Pierce come through in the clutch.

The Heat Win if:the big 3 play like the big 3 of the past, Chris Bosh has to get the best of an aging KG &DWade must stay


Prediction: Heat in 7!!!!!