#CouchCoachLive 2017 NFL Preview : Award Predictions & Super Bowl Winner

The Fellas of Couch Coach Live concluded their 4th annual NFL Preview as the gave predictions for the following:





– Rookie OPOY

– Coach of the Year 

– Super Bowl winner & more! 

Check out the video below to watch the entire preview 

#CouchCoachLive 2017 NFL Preview: NFC East 

The Fellas of CouchCoachLive previewed the NFC East as they discussed the following:
-Will the Cowboys repeat as NFC East Champs despite Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension?
– Does the Giants have what it takes to win the NFC East?
– Can the Redskins rebound from last year’s disappointing season?
– Will Carson Wentz improve in year 2 to win the NFC East?

The Fellas also discussed each teams top 2 games to watch and gave their 2017 predictions and more, Check out the full preview right here!