#4Downs NFL Week 2 Recap :

Every Tuesday we recap the week that was in the NFL in a 4 Down format!! If you have any suggestions or want contribute to the site contact us at CouchCoachOnline@Gmail.com!!!


1st Down:  Which Team had the biggest win/ worst loss in Week 2?

Biggest Win: It’s definitely the Kansas City Chiefs as they defeated the Steelers 42-37 on the road. The Chiefs with two road victories over the Chargers & the Steelers are positioning themselves as AFC contenders.

Worst Loss: Buffalo Bills!!! Even though they only loss to the Chargers by 11 which was expected , but this loss will go down in history as their starting cornerback Vontae Davis retired at Halftime..YES Halftime..!! No player in the NFL’s 99 year history has retired at halftime. Many thought it was a joke but, Vontae officially retired from the NFL via Instagram

2nd Down: What’s the biggest takeaway in Week 2? 

The Cleveland Browns should of won their 1st game since December 24, 2016 (this is not a typo) . Thanks to Zane Gonzales who missed 4 FGs ( 2 extra point attempts & 2 FG attempts ) including the potential game tying FG attempt vs the Saints.


3rd Down: Who gets the Game Ball for Week 2? 

Patrick Mahomes: 23-28, 326 yard,s  6 TDS

4th Down:  Which (2-0) team will likely miss the playoffs,Which (0-2) team will likely make the playoffs?

Miami Dolphins (2-0) -With wins over the Titans and the Jets, which aren’t head-turning wins are off to a great start. The Dolphins have a extremely difficult December schedule which includes the Patriots, Vikings & Jags.

Houston Texans (0-2)- The Texans endured two tough road losses to the Patriots and the Titans. The Texans haven’t had a home game yet and they have a very favorable schedule including early match-ups vs Browns & Bills!

EXTRA POINT : Who’s are top 5 teams going into Week 3?

1) Chiefs (2-0)

2) Jaguars (2-0)

3) LA Rams (2-0)

4) Buccaneers (2-0)

5) Eagles (1-1)

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