#4Downs NFL WEEK 1 Recap

We’re  BACKKKKK!  Every Tuesday we will recap the week that was in the NFL in a 4 Down format!! If you have any suggestions or want to contribute to the site contact us at CouchCoachOnline@Gmail.com!!!


1st Down:  Which Team had the biggest win/ worst loss in Week 1?

Biggest Win: Tampa Bay Buccaneers & the New York Jets who both shocked the NFL world as they both scored 48 points in their victories!

-So I thought the Buccaneers would be win-less until Jameis Winston return from suspension…Wrong. The Bucs stormed into the New Orleans unleashing a offensive arsenal ( 529 Total Yards) and held the Saints to only 43 Rushing Yards.

-I gave the Jets a snowball chance in hell to win against the Lions. After rookie sensation Sam “Cool as a Cucumber ” Darnold ( it’s a corny nickname but I’m gonna roll with it) threw a Pick 6 in his first attempt we all assumed it was a sign of bad things to come! The game was tied 17-17 in the 3rd quarter and Jets scored 31 unanswered points in arguably the biggest upset in Week 1

Worst Loss: The Buffalo Bills ! They got demolished by the Ravens 47-3! Can you believe the Bills made the playoffs and basically got rid of experienced QBs Tyrod Taylor and A.J McCarron in the same calendar year in favor of starter Nathan Peterman and Rookie Josh Allen. The Ravens defense held the both Peterman & Allen to just 70 passing yards combined!

2nd Down: What’s the biggest takeaway in Week 1? 

All 7 Newly hired  Head Coaches lost in their debut! ( Steve Wilks, Mike Vrabel, Matt Patricia, Matt Nagy, Frank Reich, Jon Gruden, & Pat Shurmur )

3rd Down: Who gets the Game Ball for Week 1? 


Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-28, 417 Yards, 4TDS

4th Down:  Which Week 2 match-up is the most intriguing? 

Patriots @ Jags : A rematch of last year’s AFC Championship .Both teams earned tough Week 1 victories and both are seeking supremacy in the AFC! The biggest question mark is the health of Leonard Fournette who is currently day-to-day.

EXTRA POINT : Who’s your top 5 teams going into Week 2?

1) Philadelphia Eagles 1-0

2) Minnesota Vikings 1-0

3) New England Patriots 1-0

4) L.A Rams 1-0

5A) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0

5B) Kansas City Chiefs  1-0

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