Draft Day Movie Review

Ever since I can remember the only reason I played Madden was solely for the GM Mode. The intrigue of molding a NFL franchise to my liking tickles my fancy. So when I viewed the trailer for Draft day I circled April 11, 2014 as “Draft Day” and it did not dissapoint. 

Draft Day is a fictional film that is centered around Sonny Weaver Jr (Played by Kevin Costner) the embattled GM of the Cleveland Browns as he perpares for the NFL Draft. Sonny also is the son of beloved head coach Sonny Weaver SR who recently passed away (He also fired him a year prior to his death….I know it sounds messed up but it’s a good reason!) Sonny is regarded as GM that doesn’t know what he is doing. The film centers around the 12 hours prior to the first  day of the NFL Draft. Draft day delivers some nice non-fictional touches with appearances from NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell ,NFL Draft experts Mel Kiper Jr & Mike Mayock to name a few. Weaver faces challenges with Browns owner Anthony Molina (Played by Frank Langella) and Browns Head Coach Penn (Played by Denis Leary). This film also delivers the raw emotions of 3 prospects : Linebacker Vontae Mack (Played by Chadwick Boseman) , Running Back Ray Jennings (played by Arian Foster) & Quaterback Bo Callahan (played by Josh Pence). Draft Day also has a romantic element as Sonny is romantically involved with the team “Salary Capologist” Ali (Played by Jennifer Garner). All these elements capture the gament of emotions of a Draft Day in the NFL.

This film may not win a Oscar or any other prestigious awards , but I would give this film The Couch Coach Best Picture of 2014 thus far! I enjoyed the split screen effects, the cameo apprences, and simply for the plot if this film was a draft pick I would honestly would trade 3 1st round draft picks to acquire it (once you see the movie you will get it).

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